Fluidity to stationary


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My nephew landed his first front flip, hooray!!! My niece is such as natural, she makes it look so easy, like a walk in the park. The pictures I took of her the other day attest to that.

On our last day in Paris, we made my day by visiting the gardens at the Rodin museum. It was so serene and beautiful, my admiration for Rodin’s incredible talent and ability to elicit every possible human emotion from cold, hard materials, I wanted to spend hours communing with art and nature but I was content with what I felt at that moment.


This absolutely fantastic excursion into Rodin’s universe was aided by a bribe, my niece and nephew were the champions of compromise; the adults got to see certain things and the kids got to play and eat things they loved; everyone wins.


The stairs of Montmartre


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Those stairs aren’t something to sneeze at, I am in halfway decent shape and after two rounds of these steps, I could feel my muscles burning a bit. The results are well worth it though, Sacre Coeur is absolutely magnificent. This isn’t my first time walking the stairs and visiting Sacre Coeur, but I found it as breathtaking today as the first time I walked around the cathedral three years ago.

I love how Paris is laid out in front of you in all of her majesty and grandeur.

Afterwards we walked around the small village of Montmartre, we had a light lunch of various classics like croque monsieur, quiche, flan and a ham and butter sandwich. The place was very charming with small tables upstairs away from the crowds, perfect for all of us, weary from those stairs. lol


I have company


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Who knew that jumping up and down, either on a trampoline or from a bungee style harness could be the cure for jet lag? Well maybe it only works on those 18 and younger. lol

I am very happy to have my mother, sister and my niece and nephew in Paris with me. We are going to discover Paris through the eyes of my sister’s kids which will be a lot of fun.

It’s nice to know that the Jardin de Tuileries isn’t only for adults, there are tons of activities, arcade games, snack food and of course rides both big and small to keep children entertained.

After I left the gang at their hotel so they can rest and get their French mojo on the right time zone. I walked back towards my own neck of the woods with a little detour at the Palais Royal, which is stunning since it has been restored to its former glory.


“Abbey Road” in Paris, tourist style



I got such a kick out of the rolling tourists, I wasn’t paying attention to the background. I am in the heart of Paris, so you can close your eyes and click, click, click and you will still have captured something old and imposing, as well as beautiful.

I walked from La Place de l’Etoile all the way to the Palais de Luxembourg which is over the Seine and down the Boulevard Saint Germain, in other words a long, long walk. 

I felt as if I had Paris to myself up until I got to the Louvre and the rue Rivoli, there I found crowds and groups as well as tour buses. It wasn’t until I looked across from the  other side of the river that I could really appreciate the complete grandeur of the Louvre. It was originally built as a palace, I could never imagine living in a palace as gargantuan as the Louvre, you could spend months just looking for someone. Forget if that person doesn’t want to be found, it would be every parent’s nightmare, a recalcitrant toddler who does not want to be found for their daily nap, good luck.

A sleepy stroll through Paris


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Believe it or not, I took these pictures during the same leisurely stroll from one arrondissement to another. The sky was in a state of flux, the dark sky fighting the sun for primacy and the sun was winning for the most part, aside from a brief half hour of light showers.

August is a great time to walk around Paris because half of Paris is on vacation and as you can see the streets are much less congested. I am blending in nicely with all of the other tourists. lol

Jet lag is better today, I had my first pain au raisin, a tiny little one, so delicious, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s at breakfast time. My hotel offers a lovely breakfast included in the room so I know another one is going to be there waiting for me.

My arrival in “gay Paris”


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This is my view from my room, I have always loved the little courtyards that make up an inner life within most Parisian residences and hotels. It’s like a well kept secret away from the prying eyes of yonder avenue.

I am overtired, I had a small layover in Iceland, I walked around the shops during the wee hours of the morning.

Outside it is overcast, but the temperatures are wonderful mid-70’s, cannot argue with those numbers.

I miss my little family already, thank goodness for Skype and Facetime.

Logan Airport




I am  at Logan airport, I said “bon voyage” to my husband and the children, I’m sad. My excitement hasn’t bubbbled up yet, my destination may be France, but I am far from being there yet. The  days of having fun on the flight itself are long gone. It  has morphed into traveling  like a sardine in a can.

I promise you, tomorrow will be  a thousand times different.

A look from Washington Street, Boston


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This is from my perspective walking from Washington and Berkely Street, away from an excellent Japanese restaurant where our son and I had a late lunch. Our daughter had to work, I’ll facetime with her later, but trust me when I say lunch was delicious. The sushi was creative, small portions of handcrafted ocean goodness and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

While we were walking back towards South Station, my son asked me why was I taking pictures right there. I told him because I wanted a contrast between the new and old, the pretty and the ugly, the rich and the poor because it takes all to make a city what it is, an amalgam of all humanity.

Boston is so much more than shiny new towers and touristy attractions, there are cultures and family stories to be found at every street corner. I wanted to shine a lens on it while I was there.

My first aubergine!


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I should offer some clarification, of the six aubergine plants growing, it’s my only eggplant so far. LOL I also picked my first green zucchini (courgette) and my first poblano pepper and I forget what type of pepper the onlong pepper is, but I used everything in the picture, threw it all in my saute pan with shallots and garlic, salt and pepper until everything was nice and caramelized and it was quite good.

I have green tomatoes galore, it is only a matter of time before they start turning red. I just hope I won’t have to fight Jack over the tomatoes. I noticed one red tomato hanging on the vine, I was going to pick it, but when I turned it, it was half eaten, it looked like a convenient place to have your snack available to nibble on, in between perimeter guarding and critter hunting. I doubt it was a bunny, unless the bunny is a cousin of Bugs Bunny, because between Jack and Lulu, I don’t think many critters would have a chance in the back. However they are taking advantage out in front, they know dogs are not a problem there. 

My poor plants, serving as snack food.


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