A hankering for tuna fish

Have you ever had a craving for tuna fish, but don’t have exactly what you need to make it just the way you like it? Normally, I make my tuna fish with diced celery, minced celery leaves from the heart of the celery, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. So here I am,  hankering for a tuna fish sandwich, really craving one and I didn’t have celery, my husband suggested diced onion, but I don’t like raw onion with my tuna fish, I find it too overpowering in flavor. While I was going over other possible things to eat, my brain flashed on the half dozen green and red peppers we had in the refrigerator from our local farm stand. Why not put diced green and red peppers in my tuna fish? Funny that I had never thought to do that before, it isn’t far-fetched in terms of ingredient combinations, it had just never occurred to me to put them together on a sandwich. It was delicious, I had the crunch from the peppers that I ordinarily get with the celery and the flavor melded in nicely with the tuna fish, mayonnaise and mustard, it was a great sandwich.

Looking up



I love walking down whatever avenue I find myself on and looking up the side streets because you never know what gems you might discover.

I posted two of the same picture because I cannot pick which is better, I was looking at the shadows, wondering over the inclusion of greenery and vacillating between which captured my vision best. So I gave up deciding. These captures were made as I was walking from the East side over to the Westside in the twenties, it was still a nice day even with the hotter temperatures because a nice breeze was blowing down the avenues. New York is a treasure trove of photographic subjects, all you need to do is look, personally my favorite way to look is to look up.

The wonderful gift of friendship



I have been so lucky, all of my friends everywhere have given me so much love and support, I credit them with my continued good spirits and can do attitude. Today I was happily surprised with these beautiful flowers, adorable teddy bear and chocolates from a childhood friend who lived next door to me, Annie. She was older than I and I remember looking up to her as a positive role model. She was always so nice to my little sister and I, always had time to talk to us despite being a part of the older crowd. I wasn’t expecting these flowers and when I read the card, I felt buoyed by friendship and connection. The ties and connections cemented in youth and continue to adulthood are tremendous gifts and I cherish them. Keeping my spirits up is so much easier when I see and feel the support and love from my dear, dear friends.

Treatment number two



I chose to post a picture of my oregano in bloom because oregano is a plant of nutritional and medicinal value and that’s a big part of my focus right now. Today went well at treatment, the I.V went in without a hitch, my blood work came back all set of chemo and my anti-nausea meds worked like a charm. The only painful part, when all was said and done, was peeling the tape off my arm, it hurts when they do the slow pull,  they don’t want to compromise the injection site, but if that’s my only complaint of the day then I am a lucky one indeed lol.

My first blueberries 



My first and only blueberries of the season! They were an unexpected surprise, my friend told me that blueberry bushes normally take at least 3 years before they produce fruit, it’s only been two years so surprise, surprise, lol. Out of the six I planted, I only have four left, I have to make sure that I protect them before the cold sets in, Jack and Stanley have been digging holes around the bushes, I have to fill in those holes for good somehow. They can really make me nuts, those two with their shenanigans, can’t they mess around with the plants I don’t care about? Argh!

Florence Foster Jenkins : a movie review


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What a touching, funny and wonderful movie. Meryl Streep, surprise surprise, gave an Oscar worthy performance, she made Florence so much more, as people are so much more than just the sum of their parts. Her portrayal as Florence made Hugh Grant’s portrayal of her second husband make so much more sense. I, like Hugh Grant’s character, wanted Florence to succeed and thus be buoyed by her adoration of music. Simon Helberg as her accompanying pianist gave an equally touching performance, full of hesitancy but also of loyalty, there were no phone-in performances here, not by anyone.

This movie captured my attention and my heart with its compassionate storytelling, vivid scenery and period costumes. I felt transported back to the 1940’s, a bygone era. I’m so glad Florence Foster Jenkins wasn’t a fictional character, I know she lived a life of pain and adversity, being wealthy didn’t shield her from either, money doesn’t buy everything, but she still found love, friendship and passion in the form of her beloved music. She found joy in her life and we could take comfort in that.

Lazy August flowers


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Coneflowers and upright phlox are the quintessential August flowers. I love their vibrant colors, their height and especially the way they self-propagate throughout the garden. They are also drought resistant, they haven’t exhibited any signs of distress since the drought started, they are a solid choice for any gardener, beginner or expert.

I love the coneflower’s structure, it is a bee and butterfly magnet with its wide center full of pollen, I would call them the insect world’s drive through, the bees and butterflies come and go without a care, knowing that the coneflower stands tall full of what they need and love more than anything. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, especially all of the different butterflies that come through my garden.

Madison Square Park, Flatiron District

Today was a glorious day outside, my mother and I took the subway into the city for lunch. We ate at Vesso’s on Lexington and 31st Street, they have a spectacular thin crust pizza and afterwards we walked down to Union Square passing through the lovely Madison Square Park.

One of my favorite buildings in New York is the Flatiron Building, one of the oldest skyscrapers of New York. I love its unique architecture, it is a timeless structure, a testament to the architect’s artistic vision.

It was such a pleasure to walk around a little part of the city, there was a refreshing breeze, the humidity was gone and the air felt nice and light. We went to Whole Foods to get some ingredients for the green curry chicken and zucchini dish we are going to make tonight. We’ve made this dish before, we really liked it the first time, I hope we do it justice this second time around lol.

Astoria Park

My mother and I walked to Astoria Park hoping that being next to the water, the East River, would give us a breeze, making the humidity and heat more manageable. It worked out exactly as we had hoped, we sat on a bench near the water, enjoying the breeze and watching the speed boats, fishing boats and huge barges pass by, some slowly and others speeding away down the river.

Astoria Park is full of memories for me, my mother was reminiscing about the times she would stroller me to the park before I could walk, forty eight years ago. Myself, I spent years and years playing and hanging out at Astoria Park with my friends. It has changed a little bit over the decades, the playground is still new looking, they gave a facelift to Astoria Park’s pool and they transformed the two way street to a one way street for vehicles and a nice wide path for bicycles.

It’s always nice to visit childhood places and still recognize its essence and specialness.


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