Oh Christmas tree….



I haven’t written in a few days only because I have been so tired. Today was my first round of immunotherapy and so far so good, though Doctor Mullally did tell me that extreme fatigue tomorrow is well within the realm of possibility, but ironically that is a good thing, because it would show a reaction, something we are hoping for either now or in the next few weeks.

Our son decorated the Christmas tree yesterday after driving me to Boston round trip for what turned out to be a wild goose chase. My discharge papers from the hospital after my cranial surgery had a MRI scheduled for me, but to my distress when we got to the hospital, I had gotten the date wrong, the date printed out was December 4th, at 12:00 a.m, that should have been a clue, no one schedules a MRI for an outpatient on a Sunday at midnight, but I didn’t catch that, so I was very upset with myself for not being more responsible. But what actually happened was that it was a data error and I had never been scheduled for a MRI at all. So basically my son and I went to Boston, had a nice lunch and when we got home, he decorated the Christmas tree.

Today he took me to my first treatment, we had another nice lunch waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, and he took me home, he loaded up the dishwasher, we watched Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, (highly recommend it!), and then he went home.

An interesting two days, but I am lucky to have spent great quality time with our son.

The Christmas spirit is growing in Blandford



Our son got out all of the Christmas decorations while we were gone, put up the Christmas tree and brought down the Grinch. He also promised to help me with the lights when he comes back over, since this year I can’t do what I used to do for Christmas and that’s okay. Our daughter is coming home soon, I am sooooooo looking forward to having her back home, she’s also great at decorating, so between the two of them, our house will be decorated to the degree they like and that’s all that counts.

Loving : a movie review


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My mother and I went to see Loving this morning at one of her favorite theaters on the Upper Westside. We loved it. The direction, the acting, the history and its message make it such that it should be required viewing for everyone. We both knew of the Supreme Court Case, but it really hits you after the first half hour, which passes by without any drama, quietly, when the police sneak into the house under the cover of darkness to arrest the couple for sleeping together, as to why that Supreme Court case was so impactful.

I highly recommend seeing it, it needs to be seen.

Mesothelioma: Virgil’s Story

There are wonderful people and organizations who dedicate their lives to help, I’m so glad Virgil found his group.

James' Ramblings

Virgil Anderson has Mesothelioma, and he asked me to post his story, which he sent to me.  Here it is:

Mr. Anderson was born and raised in Williamson, WV.  His father, a coal miner, passed when Virgil was 8 years old. Virgil worked in demolition work and excavating since high school. This required the physical tear out, and hands on removal of asbestos containing insulation in walls, ceiling, attics and heating and cooling systems. To remove this required saws and sledge hammers all of which sent the asbestos fibers flying into the air. Unfortunately for Virgil the material had to not only be freed from its location but also picked up and carried to the disposal area. Once asbestos is disturbed it can stay in the air for 5 days. On some occasions there was a haze of dust and debris that you could actually taste in your mouth. He…

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A beautiful sky on the Mass Pike



Our son and I went off to Mass. General Hospital today to get my staples, all 37 of them, removed. Doctor Mullally had told me it wasn’t going to hurt, and for the first time ever, he got it wrong, it did hurt. Was it angonizing? No, of course not, it felt more like the annoyance of several paper cuts which can be quite aggravating instead. I kept my smile on because it is pointless to complain, the nurse practitioner worked as quickly as she could and we were out in no time, better yet we were able to get out of Boston before rush hour, happy day for us!

Anyway, before we got my staples out, my son and I had Thai food, it’s always fun going out to restaurants with our children, they both appreciate it very much, no matter where we wind up eating. We stumbled on the King and I on Charles Street, we were lured into the restaurant because they had a picture of Anthony Bourdain. Was it the best Thai food? No but it was adequate, convenient and we liked most of what we ate. We just thought that having Anthony Bourdain as a guest would have meant the food was more refined and flavorful, less bland. 

We still had a wonderful time together, laughing and talking, and that is all that counts. And my head is staple-free!

Hacksaw Ridge : a movie review


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My husband, our son and I went to see Hacksaw Ridge, my choice, ordinarily I don’t pick war movies, but I was curious to learn about Desmond Doss, the conscientious collarborator. He refused to see himself as an objector, he saw himself as playing a different, but equally important role in the Second World War being fought out in the Pacific Islands.

We all came away agreeing that this was a very well directed movie. The acting was top notch, but it was secondary when to came to the emotionally primal waves that came through the screen. It was so hard to watch at certain moments, I flashed back to Private Ryan, that was how brutal the savagery was, but also how realistic.

We were happy to have seen it, you need to be reminded how terribly horrible war is, but I can’t help asking, how do we forget so easily?