Dear Jason, thank you for distilling the GOP dribble into laugh out loud good reading. I needed that because this economy is making me very sad and I see no end in sight which makes me even sadder. No one is speaking to how is the middle class going to continue with higher education continuous­ly being out priced, health care premiums increasing and wages being cut, if you are lucky enough to have a wage. No one on these panels is speaking to the fact that we are becoming a third world country. If we could pinpoint a moment in time in the past 35 years where the trajectory was set for this outcome, I would love to know what policy or choice was it that set us in motion to get to this point. But even with knowing it would there be a political will to reverse the policies that got us here? Globalizat­ion, decreased presence of the unions, replacemen­t of pensions for 401K plans, financial excess present in campaignin­g, etc. I don’t see how because too many are doing quite well with the game as is.
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