That is a shame that the Indiana democrats were unable to get the Right to Work referendum on a ballot. Don’t these workers understand that their Governor and their representa­tives are not doing them any favors by accepting jobs for less money, less benefits and less job security? Don’t they get that the United States is becoming a third world country of cheap labor for European countries. It is laws like this that are collective­ly killing the middle class. Unions had a reason to exists and their shrinking away from impacting and helping worker’s rights will only remind us once again why unions were adopted in the first place. You unfortunat­ely find out often too late the reason why certain laws and institutio­ns are created, it’s only after that those laws and institutio­ns are abolished or cut down to nothing that you wake up and realize how much good they provided you. We need to hammer this point across to workers everywhere­, you shouldn’t have to accept subpar wages and benefits. It is not right and it is not normal.
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