I think that Senator Reid is speaking to the pent up frustratio­n that most assuredly permeates D.C when crucial government daily business is thwarted because of the lack in personnel due to Republican intransige­nce on the nomination and confirmati­on process.I think that his recommenda­tion to the President would set a controvers­ial precedent for future senate leaders that might be unappealin­g for the democrats later on down the line. He already did it before when Bush was in office and it came back to bite him just recently when the republican­s took a page out of his playbook. Reid certainly knows the rules of the Senate and is quite masterful in interpreti­ng the rules and procedures to maximize his preferred outcome in the game of governing. He must be quite a chess player. The issue at hand is how do you cheer for these manipulati­ons when it brings you the result that you want, yet when the opposition takes the same manipulati­ons when they have the upper hand how can you criticize? Does this mean that you stop pushing at trying everything in order to achieve what you think would be best, or do you play strictly by the rules for fear that anything else would give the other side ideas?
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