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Explore the room you’re in, as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. There’s no history there. So — what do you see?

I see a smallish room in comparison with the others in the house. It has four windows so it is very light and airy and one of the walls is dominated by a massive bookshelf filled with books so obviously wh ever uses this room reads a lot. The books are varied; books in French, science fiction, history, anthropology and political science. There are children’s book in French and gardening books as well; a very eclectic collection. Along the other wall there is a large stove with an exhaust running to the chimney so I imagine that in the winter it must be very cozy in this room with the books and the stove and right off the stove, I am sitting at a small desk in front of the computer and behind me is a futon couch very near the bookcase. This room seems to be designed for the bookworm at heart.

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