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I am so very tired of the biting cold, the snow storms and feeling winter weary. I had been optimistic for the month of March, thinking that somehow getting beyond February would bring a sun-filled light at the end of the tunnel. But No. This entire week will be cold, no matter how far south we have come, down to Virginia. It is 16 degrees right now and it will not warm up until later in the week, only to get cold once again.


This is my reality for some more weeks, many more weeks apparently, so Mother Nature I have a bone to pick with you. Will you please call back your frosty fingers that grip my region with a tight, cold, clenched fist and let us have a little warmth, 40ish would be fine with me. I am not asking for the weather that my baby girl is enjoying, check out this picture sent from Key West


I am not asking for that, all I am asking for is an entire week of 40ish weather, followed by maybe 45 and then gradually, as gradually as you wish, increase the thermostat, a few degrees every few weeks until we get to 85 and then you can sit back and relax, not too much to ask for, is it?