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My hubby and I went to the movies today early, to see the movie that we have been waiting to see; the sequel to “The 300”, “300: Rise of an Empire” We loved the first movie with Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, King of Sparta, who along with 300 of his best Spartan soldiers went out to meet and fight the invading Persian army commanded by Xerxes, the “God-King”.

The sequel isn’t exactly a sequel, rather it is a simultaneous look at the Persian attempted invasion of Greece from another war front. While King Leonidas is keeping the Persian land army occupied, we are watching the other battle from the naval commands of both forces.

Eva Green plays Artemisia the Persian Naval Commander. Her character is fierce, the movie gives her back story and we learn what happened to her to shape her into the fierce, calculating, cold warrior that she is throughout the movie.

My hubby and I seriously enjoyed the movie. As soon as we got home, I went online to research the actual history regarding Xerxes, Persia, the Battle of Salmis and Artemisia. I adore Greek mythology and I studied quite a bit of ancient Greek history, but when it came to actual Greek wars, my memory gets a little hazy; wars don’t ignite the same passion as mythology does for me.

I was impressed to see that in ancient Persia, women were held in respect and given responsibility and power. As I read further on the website “women in power” Artemisia was not the only powerful woman in Persia, there were at least three others. Also, from what I have read on the website, there was Bordicea the “Queen” of the Celts, Cleopatra, Queen Tenobia of Syria, it makes me happy to see that women were always capable, courageous and stepped up to the challenge, come what may. As a woman, I feel validated when I see that strong women in roles of power far back in history, it is very encouraging.

I always enjoy a movie that pushes me to read more about the subject and captures my imagination and curiosity. It is testament to great storytelling.