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I am entering into the next phase of womanhood. I apologize to all the male readers, but I have decided to share what essentially is throwing me for a loop. I have been dealing with hot flashes for the past few weeks and they have become more frequent as the weeks progress. During the day, it isn’t so bad since it is winter, it is kind of nice being hot while it is cold, but at night, it is a different story. Normally nothing wakes me up, but nowadays my faulty thermostat wakes me with the hot furnace stoking the flames and spreading them into a sweaty mess. It has been making me very fatigued. I know that this too shall pass and for the most part it isn’t horrible, but it is sort of weird knowing that I am in peri-menopause, I feel way too young for this, but it is a rite of passage amongst women and who am I to deny myself an important rite of passage.

My hubby is being very wonderful about it, he has even been funny about it. Every time I call out “hot flash Hot flash” he apologizes for being such a hot husband who makes me all flush with desire. He readily accepts full responsibility for my sudden experience of sweat inducing heat. He definitely knows how to make me laugh, I am lucky to have him.

I wonder if my memory loss is part of the whole peri-menopausal thing that I am currently experiencing, I have read that many women feel a little forgetful during this time in their lives. Who knows, I know that I said that this too shall pass, but it could be a few years before this passes. Menopause takes a while which makes sense since the reproduction system in its entirety is very complex and detailed in its complexity.

Another adventure to take in this journey that we call life and I know that it will be fine as long as I take care of myself.