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Hooray for me, I finally went to the hair salon to get my skunk-like stripe of white taken care of, plus the much needed trim and blow dry so that I feel like a brand new version of me.

Actually it was an interesting mini-adventure in Westfield. Yesterday on our drive back home from Virginia, our front left tire was leaking air and we had to pull over twice to plump the tire back up. So before my hair appointment I went back to Town Fair Tire to see what was going on with our new tires, I was stressed over it because today being Saturday, it didn’t give us much of a window of opportunity to get a brand new tire if it so required. Luckily, it wasn’t the tire, it was the rim at fault and we had an extra one in the trunk because my hubby had a feeling that something was wrong with the newly repaired rim, sometimes a welded crack could re-crack. The weird thing with the faulty rim was that it wasn’t the repaired crack that was to blame, it was a new crack.

The service guys at Town Fair were very good and got me out of there with everything all set, in time for my appointment that I had set up on Thursday. I went to get my hair colored knowing full well that, that was the only thing that they had available for that day. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of just getting my hair colored, I usually like the having the entire works, haircut and blow dry included, but what was there to do? Saturday is a very busy day in the hair salon world and I did wait until that last minute.

My hubby did give me a good idea when I was done at Puffer’s salon, he had called to see how everything was going, I was walking to the car with my hair still wet when I took his call and he suggested that I drive over to another place to get my hair cut and dried. I thought about it and realized that I really wanted to get my hair blown out straight. I do like it when my hair is smooth and straight, as opposed to wavy and frizzy.

I drove to the place Hair Cuttery where my hubby and the baby boy sometimes go to get their haircut, the lady took me right away and did a very lovely job cutting and blowing my hair out straight. It felt kind of weird going from one place to another, but hey why not? I took the long way around to getting exactly what I wanted and I am very happy with it.

I took the selfie to show my haircut and how nice and smooth it is, the color is the same, I think that it is chestnut brown, I think. I feel better and I didn’t have one hot flash, not a one! They nicely waited until I was back in the car, hee. hee. Hooray for haircuts, blow dryers and hair color!