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After spending close to 8 hours in the car, driving down to Virginia, I don’t think anyone would be in the mood to go out and deal with finding a restaurant, which is why we are lucky that we have a Taco Bell right next to our hotel.

After we unloaded the car and got the luggage cart up to the room, I took the cart back down and walked on over to Taco Bell and just 10 minutes later, we had dinner in the room.

My order never changes; 3 soft tacos Fresco and fresco only means tomatoes and lettuce, the filling is their “beef” mixture, I choose not to dwell on it too closely, there have been some stories about Taco Bell and there are times when ignorance is bliss. Can you tell that this is one of those times? I am more than satisfied with 3 tacos, a little of the mild Taco sauce poured over my tacos and it tastes a little spicy, quite tasty and very easy going down to my tummy.

Now that my hunger has been sated, my exhaustion from all of the driving has just hit me, hard. It is time for me to rest, watch t.v and read at the same time, but most importantly rest.