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Which good memories are better — the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

I would have to say that the vivd memories are best; when you can practically relive those special moments and all of the wonderful sensations are right there to grasp and hold for a few extra moments. I hate it when they start to fade, to me it feels as if they are slipping away through my finger tips; gradually fading away to the recesses of my memory banks that have become more and more difficult to fully access these past few years.

When I was young; I had a photographic memory. I could read my text books and after a few hours I would have pages filed away in my head with easy accessibility for future tests, essays and papers; it was great. Having all of the information stored in my head, right there at my fingertips, meant that I could construct arguments for my essays very quickly and the same for my other tests. However my memory talents didn’t extend to conversations or people’s names or places. I didn’t have that kind of crazy memory; just enough to make schooling very easy, but I wasn’t complaining.

Nowadays, I wish that I had a quarter of the capacity that I once had; not so much for knowledge, but more for the past such as my childhood capers, my childhood vacations, especially the times that my sister and I spent with both sets of our grandparents. I think that it s only when we get to adulthood that we really appreciate our grandparents and by that time it is all too often too late.

These days, my memories of my grandparents feel like those old black and white pictures, hazy from too much exposure to the sunlight. I would give a lot to recall some of the conversations that we had and to see all of the adult members of my family kicking back and having a wonderful time around the dinner table, laughing loudly at each other’s jokes and nonsense.
That would be great, to relive those moments as if they were yesterday. I don’t think that I would want the type of memory capacity where you remember every single detail; that would be too much for me. I think that emotionally I would be on overload; all that I would like is a little upgrade, that’s it, or a reboot, that may be even better.