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My husband and I needed a movie after the long week that we had and Transformers actually, believe it or not, has become a piece of nostalgia for us. When we hear the word Transformers; we immediately think of our son when he was 4, 5, 6 and up until 8 or 9 loving the autobots, the dinobots and singing the song “Transformers; robots in disguise”.

So even if the movies as a franchise are geared to a much younger crowd, we don’t care. I do remember that the last Transformer movie was awful, but we still saw it, so I didn’t go into seeing this one with high expectations of storyline or acting. Hooray for us, we were both happily surprised.

We are both fans of Mark Wahlberg and of Stanley Tucci. I know that Kelsey Grammar is in the movie but he didn’t effect me as much. Technically you can’t really count the Transformers as actors, but the voice overs are really good. The banter between the autobots is pretty witty and entertaining; I definitely had a few chuckles.

After the movie, I felt as if I had run a marathon; Michael Bay made the action super intense, not just in terms of the robots fighting each other but man on man scenes, I couldn’t help but physically get into it with my legs flailing out and my hands flailing, I actually hurt myself accidentally.


Stanley Tucci was a present just for me or at least I think so; who ever wrote his lines and the brilliance that he brings towards turning a phrase made me laugh out loud quite a few times.

My husband and I had a lot of fun enjoying the escape and we came home after food shopping and I made us shrimp scampi; after sautéing the shrimp, I deglazed the pan with lemon juice and chicken stock while scraping up the bits of the pan left from the caramelizing of the shrimp, I then threw minced garlic, about six or seven cloves and let that meld together after which I added three tablespoons of butter. Meanwhile the angel hair pasta was boiling away, once it was drained, I made sure to keep a little of the pasta water. I added the shrimp and the pasta to the sauce and then stirred in a ton of freshly chopped parsley. I must add that during the entire sautéing process, I salt and pepper the shrimp as I sauté them in batches so that after everything is said and done, I don’t need to add anymore salt. I added a ladle of pasta water and it was done. Our daughter went out, so it was the three of us and we enjoyed it. There are some leftovers for her as of now and hopefully later on as well.