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I have a confession to make. It was only when we arrived home from having seen Lucy early this afternoon, that I went online to see what the reviews had to say. Apparently others are far more demanding than either myself or my husband; but there is a common thread between the “experts” and us, Scarlett Johansson is an amazing actress. Her face is so expressive, she can communicate a myriad of emotions with her eyebrows, lips, eyes and position of her head. We were focused on her throughout the movie.

The premiss of the movie was very interesting and very ambitious, but Luc Besson fell into the trap of not having the story idea gel with the other practical realities of the surrounding background. That doesn’t mean that my husband and I did not enjoy ourselves, au contraire we enjoyed it very much. I got to be “in France” for a brief moment and my ears heard a good bit of French, so I was very happy. Paris wasn’t completely destroyed and the world was not under threat of annihilation for a change. Home runs in my book.

If you don’t make it out to the theater for this one; don’t worry, viewing it when it comes out on Red Box will be just as enjoyable.