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Last night I made my cousin Francoise’s recipe for pear and chocolate tart because today it is going to be delivered to an associate and friend of my husband’s. Tomorrow I will be making another one for our family because our daughter was not too pleased to find out that this tart was leaving the premises.


The tart is very simple to make; all you need is a basic pie crust dough recipe, the one with flour, chilled butter and lard, salt, sugar and ice water. Once the ingredients was been pulsed enough to form a ball, you cover it in plastic wrap, chill for 30 minutes and then roll it out onto your pie tin. The chocolate part of the tart is done by melting a bar of chocolate and pouring it and smoothing it all over the base of the pie crust dough. You then take a big can of pear halves and fan them out on the melted chocolate. You beat four eggs, 5 tbsp of sugar and a cup of heavy cream and pour that on top. You put the tart into a 375 oven for about 40 minutes and voila.

I am making pizza dough for our cousins who are arriving this evening so that I have something almost ready for them when they file into the kitchen all hungry and tired. Pizza dough is another easy thing; flour, salt, yeast, warm water, pinch of sugar and drizzle of olive oil and you let it rest. Pizza is fun because you make of it what you will; loaded with tons of stuff or as minimalist as you dare, it doesn’t matter as long as you like it.