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Today was my husband’s birthday and I hope that he had a nice one. He asked for a bouquet of love which I was more than happy to go harvest from the backyard.



We went golfing with my husband’s cousin and his son. I didn’t play, I watched because I was way too exhausted, but my impression of golf was that it is really, really hard to play. There are so many different strokes that you have to master, so many ways to hit the ball and too many variations in terrain. Watching the three of them play definitely impressed golf’s difficulty in my head. John, our cousin hit a sign and made a huge dent.


Finally, when we got home, I rushed around to get the two remaining pizza doughs rolled out and assembled with sauce, cheese and other toppings and into the oven. I am not sure what happened, the only thing that I can think of is that the dough being at rest for so long, maybe needed to be kneaded some more or it needed more flour, because for the first time, both pizzas stuck to the pizza grate. However did that unfortunate hiccup stop us from devouring the pizzas? No, it didn’t.



I was a little stressed with the pizzas being stuck, but no one cared, we dug in however we could and honestly the pizzas tasted really good.

I hope that my husband had a good day.