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As I was walking past the window, the color of apricot caught the corner of my eye and when I turned to get a better look, I couldn’t believe how many open blooms I had on my favorite hibiscus. I have always loved the color of apricot; the first time that I decorated my own room when I was seventeen, previously I had always shared a room with my little sister, I chose the color apricot as the color scheme. I remember going to the Laura Ashley store in the upper East side with my mother to pick from all of the beautiful wall coverings, borders and accessories. That store was so tasteful and sophisticated, I felt like a grownup picking out samples from their huge books, sitting on a settee, beautifully upholstered in a rich brocade fabric.

I remember baking a flambeed apricot tart for my 18th birthday celebration in France, I had also baked an apple tart as well. We were so many at the house that one tart wasn’t enough and I didn’t want to make two of the same, I wanted to experiment and expand my baking experience and repertoire.


I’m pretty sure that the tart that I had made all those years ago, looked very much like the one in the picture. My love affair with baking started even before this, I started baking in my early teens and as I got better, I loved it even more. There is nothing like seeing the appreciation in someone’s eyes when they taste your homemade dessert, it fills you with such a wonderful feeling that you want to do it even more.