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Today I am a little sore, actually a lot sore, but I am so incredibly lucky. Yesterday as I was driving home on the MA Turnpike, the car in front of me stopped abruptly, I was able to stop in time from hitting it, but the car behind me had no such luck and I was slammed from behind into the car in front of me. I was shaken, but luckily my car was drive-able because I was still 40 miles away from home. The State Trooper was very helpful and the other drivers involved were lovely as well. The poor gentleman behind me was so concerned over my well being when it first happened. I was sitting in the car trying to make sense of what had just happened and he opened my door to make sure that I was okay. After the State Trooper gave me the go ahead to go home, I left and went home. I had called my husband to let him know what was going on and as soon as I got home our son drove me to the E.R to make sure that I was completely checked out.

I passed inspection and today we drove the car to the auto shop and got a replacement car from the insurance company. I am so very lucky.