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My husband, our son and I went to see The Giver after we had enjoyed lunch at Arby’s. We had not read the book or even heard of it, but something like that would never stop us from seeing a movie. The story seemed very interesting and that is all that we need, something to lead us away to another land for a few hours.

The idea for the movie/book/story is that at some point the community elders came together and decided that in order to have lasting peace, emotions needed to be taken out of the equation and the past was no longer needed; only one special person would be the carrier of the memories of mankind and there would always be a Giver of the memories and a Receiver of the memories in training; their function was to use the knowledge to give council but still keep the memories secret from the rest of the community.

The idea, given what is going on the world as I write this, can be sort of seductive, are we really mature enough to have all of the technology and sophisticated weaponry without blowing up the world all around us since we can’t keep our fear, prejudices and hatred in check?

The movie does show that without emotion, we get rid of the hate and prejudice, we get rid of inequality, starvation and poverty, but we also get rid of laughter, love, music and art. We may be safe and secure, but we are also colorless and unimaginative. Is life worth living if you can’t feel anything real, is being safe and bland all that we can allow ourselves or are we able to get better?

We enjoyed the movie and it does make you think.