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My husband surprised me with a French movie “Le Grand Restaurant” starring Louis de Funes, one of the greatest comedic film actors in French cinema. He played it on our computer in the library just to hear me laugh out loud for over an hour.

What I find to be so wonderful about this is that it shows me how my laughter is so important to my husband. It is one of the most touching things about my husband, his focus on my happiness and well being.

That is what happens in marriage, your happiness is tied up in your partner’s happiness and it produces a loop. Theoretically, it should feed itself, so that each time you make a decision to do for your partner, making them happy and they are acting in the same way for your happiness, you are both made happy at the same time. Theoretically. Marriage is hard and it takes daily work however the rewards are greater than the effort required to keep it healthy. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.