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I found this video on HuffingtonPost and I had to share it with our son and then I knew that I had to share it with my friends. Christopher Walken is one of my favorite actors; his range as an actor is absolutely incredible. I knew that he started as a song and dance man, but I hadn’t realized that he had danced as much in so many films. He also grew up in Astoria Queens like me and for some strange reason that makes me feel some kind of connection to him. His father was a a baker and during a n interview on the Jon Stewart, he mentioned that Saturday mornings were common for he and the young boys of his neighborhood to take dance classes: tap, ballet and Jazz. He also mentioned that most of those boys grew up into police officers and firefighters, I forget why he said it, but I know that it made me and Job Stewart laugh at the time.

He doesn’t do many interviews, but when he does them, he is so adorable. His body of work is so prolific, it makes me a little sad that he is getting up there in years, one of these days we will lose another great talent. Thank goodness we have him immortalized on film.