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Today was a full day spent with my cousin Francoise and her three fellow photographers and good friends. As the title tells you; we walked and walked, took pictures and walked some more. We were so lucky with the weather today, they had warned us of rain and potential thunderstorms later on and they never materialized, it was breezy, a little warm but the breeze too care of that and made our walking much easier to do.

I actually fit in very easily as a tourist, this morning bright and early we took the subway down to South Ferry in order to hop on the Staten Island Ferry to take advantage of the morning light to take pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the downtown skyline. I had never taken the Staten Island Ferry before, I wasn’t even too sure how to get there, but since I am never shy in asking for directions, I didn’t hesitate to ask whoever was in front of me for help. One of the nice men who helped us out, told me that I spoke pretty good English and asked me where I was from. I told him that I grew up in New York City and he said that my accent was hard to place. That sent my cousin who can understand English into a fit of laughter, I followed because I thought it was hilarious.

Everyone got some amazing pictures during the ferry ride and I learned a lot more about photography, which if ever I decide to take it up as a serious passion, I know who to call for any questions.

Later on we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to the waterfront to replicate the setting for an iconic nighttime picture taken of the Manhattan skyline and that was another first for me; I had never even thought to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but now that I have, I see why, the views of Manhattan are spectacular. As we were chasing the setting sun, we even climbed over huge rocks to get into the best position to be able to capture that elusive setting sun and the blue light. I think that my cousin and her friends were successful in that regard.

I know that everyone agreed that today was a day perfectly spent finding and capturing many great shots of New York.