This the first time that I hope that one of my posts flies under the radar because if a certain someone that I know reads this, she will be very unhappy with us because my husband didn’t make it before today. It is our son’s fault, this morning he announced that coconut shrimp would be something that would tickle his tastebuds after my husband asked him pointblank what was it that he wanted to have for tonight’s dinner. My husband googled and found what we needed for the coconut shrimp, flaked coconut, shrimp and Panko breadcrumbs, which is something that we usually have in the pantry, but I used them up the last time I made something that I don’t remember what it was, this is getting to be par for the course, me forgetting what I had said or done.

My husband cleaned and shelled the shrimp while I was in the living room, taking care of the green beans and watching General Hospital at the same time. I came in the kitchen to help out with the messy part; dredging the shrimp first in the seasoned flour, dipping it into the egg wash and then dredging it into the combination of Panko and flaked coconut, my husband then cooked them in peanut oil until they were golden crispy. He also made two different types of sweet and spicy dipping sauces; one with orange and cranberry marmalade and Sirachi sauce and the other with duck sauce, fish sauce and some orange and cranberry marmalade; both were delicious but you had better like spicy because the kick on the back end was pretty intense.

The next time that we make these for the special someone who hopefully won’t read this post, we will have to scale back on the spiciness because she doesn’t like spicy at all, that won’t be hard to do, we won’t use any of my husband’s 7 spice when seasoning the flour and the dipping sauces will be more sweet than spicy.


Jack was very interested in the goings on in the kitchen because when it is both my husband and myself working, the odds of something yummy dropping on the floor are greatly increased, Jack knows this and believe me he doesn’t let any opportunity for yumminess pass him by, his little nose is working overtime searching for those little pieces of deliciousness. He is so cute.