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I am so happy to be back home. We stopped off on route to grab some groceries and my husband roasted salmon and sautéed green beans while I made the SAUCE. The dill sour cream sauce is something that I found a while ago on the Internet when I wasn’t sure what to do with salmon. Personally I prefer smoked salmon, but my husband and our children love salmon, so I wanted to find something to give it a little something special and what a find did I luck into.



The SAUCE is so popular that they ask for the SAUCE before asking for the salmon. The best thing about the SAUCE is that it takes little time or work in preparing it. I used about three quarters of a container of sour cream, I added two teaspoons of Dijon mustard, I chopped, a healthy bunch of dill very finely and added that to the bowl, I also smashed and chopped four cloves of garlic very finely and lastly I squeezed a large slice of lemon into the mixture. I stirred everything together, a pinch of salt and a few turns of the pepper mill and voila all done.





I love cooking and I usually never mind the prep work necessary, but when I can find something scrumptious and it just happens to be so easy to put together, I don’t turn my nose up at it, au contraire I embrace it and count my lucky stars that I found something that great to put in my cooking repertoire.