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To be, to have, to think, to move — which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? Or is there another verb that characterizes you better?

I write and post to my political blog everyday and I do it through the Comments section of the Huffington Post where I have been a registered user since 2009. As part of my micro biography in my user setting; I decided to use Rene Descartes famous quote “Je pense donc je suis” I think therefore I am. I cannot think of a more precise way to describe the human experience. Moreover in the Daily Prompt, both verbs To Be and To Think are given to respond and comment on, so automatically my mind went to my micro biology which in essence is To Think is To Be.

I spend hours upon hours thinking, trust me 98% is not deep, soul searching or thought provoking, but it is thinking. As my husband and I were taking the bus down to New York to give our vehicles a much deserved vacation, I sat quietly looking out the window thinking, after reading my book “Le Clan des Otari” was getting me bus sick. I like to read in French because it forces me to slow down and read each word as opposed to when I read in English and I glide down the page. I am trying to keep my vocabulary and my grammar up to snuff and reading in French is an excellent method of doing just that.

I did break down twice and pulled out my iPad, but my WIFI connection wasn’t going anywhere, so I put it away and continued looking out the window. My mind was going here and there and everywhere. I didn’t even notice the time passing and then Paul Simon and his song “You can Call me Al” hijacked my brain for the longest time. My husband looked over at me because I must have been bopping to the song and I am not kidding, he said “are you dancing to the song You can Call me Al in your head?” I don’t know how he knew it, because I promise you that I wasn’t humming or anything like that. He does this a lot with his special power of E.S.P. That or he knows me like nobody else. He did say to me while we were taking Mass transit that he knows like a book, cover to cover, line by line and even in between the lines. How is that for almost 24 years of marriage.

So I might have stuff and I might move all of the time, but what really defines me is to think and therefore to be.