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I don’t know why it hit me today, as opposed to every other time that I have walked around Astoria, but Astoria is changing and it is nice. Astoria has always been a nice neighborhood when I was growing up, very ethnic; Greek, Italian, German and French and nowadays it is a lot more cosmopolitan. The other day when we got off at Ditmars Blvd, I noticed quite a few aspiring models getting off the subway as well and today I passed three young, rail thin very pretty girls walking towards the subway station clutching their portfolios.

When it comes to restaurants, Astoria is experiencing a renaissance. I walked three blocks and saw three new restaurants advertising for help and ready to open within the next few weeks. Just a few blocks either way from my mother’s house, we now have choices of Japanese, Thailand, French, Asian Fusion and vegetarian. That is world’s away from the choices we had when I was little so it is exciting to see Astoria getting to be a big boy neighborhood if you will. We don’t have to venture to the city to have something different, we can walk a few blocks and patronize the local establishments right here and we feel good about it. We like supporting our local restaurants and giving back to the community.