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As I said yesterday, Jack has a bacterial/yeast infection in his ears and he needs the Otomax ointment twice a day for 14 days and he does not like getting the goopy stuff in his ears. I have a lot of practice wrestling with dogs much bigger than Jack, but I don’t want to wrestle with the baby. He does let me do what I need to do, but then he pulls what we call a Tuck where he sulks and won’t look at me for a while.

Tuck my sister’s Beagle lived with us for over three years and he made a huge imprint in our hearts. He was a character, he knew who he loved and who he didn’t and if he loved you he would follow you to the ends of the earth, but if he didn’t, he would bite the bejesus out of you. And when he felt slighted by those he loved he would sit in the corner and stare away from everyone and if you tried to get him to look at you he would look away at anything else other than you. He was not your average dog and I never thought that I would meet another like him, but with Jack there are times when we say that he is pulling a Tuck and it is always when Jack feels put upon, not getting to eat off our plates or getting his ears cleaned and now getting medicine squirted in his ears. Poor lamb.






I love the pictures where you see Jack’s tail wagging a thousand beats per minute and also when his ears are doing their individual thing, I thought that the pictures of him on our futon really shows how small he is, he is our little baby.