If I am going to be honest, I have to admit that this letter stung a little. Intellectually I knew that my submission was a long shot, but I had my hopes in the back of my head up because of my alumni status. I should have known better. This morning as my husband and I were driving into Boston, I had some petty thoughts running through my head. The N.Y.U alumni association never fails in sending me letters asking for donations. I said to my husband that the next time I receive one of their letters, I will, in lieu of sending money, reply with a strongly worded letter.

I think that part of the reason that I wasn’t overly disappointed by N.Y.U’s rejection letter is that this isn’t the first that I had received from them. When I was applying to law schools, I put N.Y.U at the top of the list and they rejected me even though I was part of the N.Y.U family and I had an excellent academic record. I just wasn’t a Harvard or Yale undergrad, being an N.Y.U undergrad wasn’t enough.

So when I had hoped that perhaps being a N.Y.U graduate would maybe pull some consideration towards my cause, I was doubly disappointed. Apparently no matter how well I did in school at my alma mater, it doesn’t have any sway in anything that I did or have done recently.

I will not let this drop, I am going to continue sending my letters of query and submissions. This is only a setback and I won’t give up.