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Since we might get hit with out first snowstorm tomorrow; my husband suggested that we go food shopping today just in case. I had a coupon for 7 dollars off from the Big Y for the turkey of your choice, so I was prepared to maybe have to fight over a prospective bird, but I lucked out. Everyone and their brother were politely vying for the big birds while I was hovering in the background, quietly scoping something smaller in size and there it was, hiding on the outskirts, right next to a huge organic, heritage breed from D’Artagnan. This was the perfect bird; about 13 pounds, antibiotic free and hormone free, just what I had hoped for and it was the only one. No one else seemed interested in my bird so I picked it up very , very happily. I went to the other supermarket in our area, just down the road, to pick up other things that I needed on my list and thank goodness I got the turkey when I did because Stop-n-Shop only carried big birds, nothing smaller than 18 pounds so I did very well. πŸ™‚



I laugh at myself for getting so proud and excited over picking a turkey, but while I was driving home, I became somber and reflective when I was thinking of all those who aren’t going to have a chance at being as happy over a turkey. I made a point of donating enough to feed 19 people at the Springfield Rescue Mission and at Stop-n-Shop we made sure to donate ten dollars to the food bank for the past two weeks whenever we shopped there. It is the least that we can do to help those who aren’t able to provide for themselves this Thanksgiving. I wish that we had better political and economic policies in place for those in need. As a society we should be trying harder to help everyone get a seat at the table.