I hope that everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving and for those who are overseas; I hope that you enjoy poking fun at our food comas and hilarious food disasters.

I was thinking about the whole cooking thing and I love cooking tremendously, but I will admit that it is the coordination that makes thanksgiving meal the chore that it has become for most of us. I am speaking of those who aren’t used to cooking for a lot people at once and even more importantly, cooking several different dishes that have their own timetable and require babysitting at certain times, that can drive anyone a little crazy.

Honestly anyone can cook each separate dish really well if that were all that was needed, but when you throw in the entire menu, it takes more than just cooking skill, it takes patience, focus and a bit of luck.

I am happy that today there is no pressure whatsoever, the food will come out when it is ready. It is just us and so far we had clams casino, a request from our son and all that took was opening the clams, slicing bacon and sprinkling a bit of wine. These tied us over until the turkey and the accompaniments are ready and that isn’t anything fancy; string beans, mashed potatoes and creamed spinach.

I can’t wait until desert, pear and chocolate tart.