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This afternoon, my son and I watched this fantastic movie on NetFlix with Jack flitting back and forth from my lap to my son’s lap, apparently undecided over which lap was the most comfortable.


We both loved it, basically the story is about a very wealthy French aristocrat who is a quadriplegic, in need of a 24/7 caretaker in residence, while he and one of his assistants are interviewing dozens for this position, one of the interviewee’s named Driss, who is only there to get his paper showing that he did indeed apply for the position so that he can get benefits, Driss makes such an off the wall impression that the aristocrat decides to put Driss through his paces and a relationship starts to develop between the two of them despite the obvious disparities in their social positions, education and cultural backgrounds. Actually those differences between the two are precisely what drew the French aristocrat into hiring Driss and keeping him in the first place. The aristocrat’s name is Philippe and at one point Philippe tells his attorney and estate executor that the thing that drew him to Driss is that Driss actually forgets that he is stuck in a wheelchair at times and for him that was paramount. The relationship between Philippe and Driss is a literal breath of fresh air as you see often enough in the movie.

We both adore listening to French spoken in movies because our ears get to listen to different regional accents, we get acquainted with new slang and just hearing the different cadence of their speech is like music to our ears. So not only was this movie a beautiful story, but its words were spoken in our favorite language. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.