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Oh my goodness, what a fantastic movie. It must be nominated for Best Picture and Benedict Cumberbatch must be nominated for Best Actor and Kiera Knightley as Best Supporting Actress.

I read my father’s book, he loved anything involving history and political science, “A Man Called Intrepid: An Incredible World War II Narrative” back in the early eighties and talk about a page turner. I cannot remember if Alan Turing played as big of a role in the book because there were so many players and other moving pieces since it was a narrative about William Stephenson and his spy network. So I went into the movie knowing the premiss of the story, but all of my knowledge didn’t prepare me for the emotional power behind the story.

I cried, my husband cried, it was painful towards the end. My heart bled for Alan Turing. The way the movie was presented, snippets of the past interspersed among the “present” day story, and then the future intertwined, gave such a complex and rich portrait of the man. You come away with a deep compassion for his failings, his trials and tribulations and his genius.

I came away with a renewed appreciation of my realization that nothing can be created or achieved in a vacuum. Alan Turing as genius as he was, still would not have been able to break Enigma if he hadn’t had Kiera Knightley or rather her character Joan Clark there to give her brilliance and her social graces; serving as his interpreter for the world and translating Alan for the others to finally bring a coherent and cogent team of brilliant mathematical minds to bear in the greatest puzzle solving race in the history of the world.

That no matter how talented we are, how intelligent we are, we are still fragile human beings in desperate need to be understood, accepted and appreciated. If someone tells you otherwise they are lying. We are all social creatures, some may be handicapped in that regard, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t still require humanity and a human bond, they just have a difficult time communicating their need. It is up to those who have the facility to extend them a hand. It truly doesn’t cost much to extend a hand.