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My daughter and I braved the frigid, brutal world today to take care of some errands and believe it or not, tomorrow will be even worse. After tonight when the temperatures drop to negative 8 degrees, tomorrow will be another day of teen degrees but with a lot of wind on top of that. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

When we got home, the usual question on my mind “what will I make for dinner?” popped up and I went into the refrigerator looking for an answer. We still have paella, but I was going to finish it, so I was looking for inspiration in the drawers and on the shelves. I came across the fresh mushrooms that my husband had picked out, plus the portobello and button mushrooms that we had purchased for something or other.

So despite the fact that both of our children supposedly hate mushrooms, I decided to slice and sauté all of the mushrooms in olive oil in a med-high pan and later throw in a bunch of garlic, finish them with a pat of butter and sprinkle fresh chopped parsley. Our son isn’t home yet, but when I told our daughter that sautéed mushrooms were waiting for her downstairs, I just wanted her to try them, turns out she loved them. 😀 One down, with another to go in my mushroom conversion.

For the rest, I am going comfort food and for my two that is cheese ravioli with parmesan cheese and butter. A hot and tasty choice for a bitterly cold night.