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Today I was vacuuming using our old vacuum, the family got a brand new vacuum, but crazy me, I like to save brand new things and use my old stuff until it dies in my hands. Also the new vacuum is designated for the upstairs so I was using the old one downstairs. I was vacuuming and I noticed that the suction just wasn’t as strong as it normally should be, so I emptied the canister, both from the bottom and the top, I checked the hoses to make sure that they weren’t clogged, I checked underneath the rug beater, and then I disengaged the filter and its housing and reassembled the unit and BOOM it worked. I had re-established suction back to normal and I continued on my way, vacuuming the rest of the downstairs and the stairs all the way up to the top.

I should write to vacuum manufacturers and send them a youtube video of my handy work fixing my vacuum, they may employ me in the tinkering department.