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Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?

I am not very good at these types of prompts, but I will try nonetheless. As I was trying to come up with two protagonists from two different movies, the first protagonist that popped into my head was Rocky Balboa and my favorite movie out of the series is the one called “Rocky Balboa” when he is at the end of his career, Adrienne has passed away, their son is full grown and a little embarrassed by his dad; Rocky is feeling the ramifications of a lifetime of having his head pounded upon by excellent opponents. He finds himself in a promotional fight against the heavy weight champion who is trying to revive his career and Rocky doesn’t know how to give up, doesn’t know how to throw a fight and keeps taking it and giving it until the very end. Rocky has heart pure and simple and enter Woody Allen.

I can imagine Woody Allen calling out to Rocky to sit with him, the conversation would start and poor Rocky, it wouldn’t end until Woody Allen was satisfied with conversation. The conversation would be interesting because I can see Rocky being incapable of being rude and Woody Allen, only being curious, would be creative with his line of questioning, so I can see Rocky opening up with Woody drawing him out word by word, emotion by emotion. Then the two finish with a companionable silence, no awkwardness, not the slightest hint of uncomfortable tension.

It might make for a good movie. 🙂