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Yaourt or yogurt in English is truly one of my favorite things to eat. I know that Greek yogurt is all the rage and I have eaten more than my fair share, but I have found a new favorite yogurt and it is from Iceland of all places.


I found it at Whole Foods and what I love about the yogurt is that it is very high in protein and much lower in sugar than all of the other yogurts on the market; not only does it taste great but it is very thick and creamy, so thick that my spoon stands up by itself.

My absolute favorite, favorite of all time is in France, it is called La Laitiere, my tantine Cecile used to buy it all the time, not the plain one, but the vanilla one and it tasted amazing with an underlying hint of tartness that cut through the sweetness so that you had a more complex flavor profile and more of your tastebuds were happily engaged, making for a deeply satisfying eating experience.


Whenever I was in France at the supermarket, I would spend a lengthy time perusing the yaourt aisle, we don’t have half of the choices here as they have over in France. It isn’t only about the range of fruit, but the yogurt styles, they have flans, rice pudding, fromage blanc and more. I am so nostalgic for a French market every once and a while.