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We have been having a serious family discussion about the pros and cons of acquiring another dog. Everyone knows how loved Jack is, but Jack considers himself mine and our two kids want a dog of their own. They love Jack but they aren’t crazy about the fact that once I am home, he leaves them for Maman’s lap; instead of sleeping with them, he sleeps with me.

I have been keeping the discussion at discussion level because I told them that since we, the parents are often on the road and hotels can be accommodating of small dogs, that is partly why we chose a small dog, even though we did get Jack for Rex, who had been grieving the loss of our two other dogs for a long six months and it was getting to me at the end which is why I caved in getting Jack. This time, I told our kids that getting a dog would be fine, but Jack has to be involved in the process and the consideration. He was here first. They also need to keep in mind that if the dog is a big dog, hotels are much less accommodating and they will need to keep the dog as a priority over their social obligations and potential travel plans.

Way back before we had Rex, when we only had Marshall for seven years, my husband wanted a second dog and I kept saying no. I was fine with one dog and since I did all of the work, I felt that I had final say in the matter, but I don’t do well in holding firm after months and months of someone wearing me down so I put a few demands into the mix; it had to be a German Shepard puppy, pure bred and cheap which is precisely what my husband found when he took me to pick up Rex in 2001.

So I figured that since I never regretted for an instance when I caved in and said yes for Rex; the same thing with our beagle, when my sister asked me to babysit him and the adopt him, we never regretted that; so I am fairly sure that we won’t regret another dog if our kids find one to bring home.

Jack is the first dog that I had ever picked out. He is my baby.