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We went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service and we loved it. I love a well dressed gentleman and Colin Firth, who plays Harry Hart, code name Galahd, was exquisitely attired the entire movie. The young actor Taron Egerton plays Eggsy Unwin, a rather odd name for a hero, he is the one that Harry Hart/Galahad takes under his wing. These two have a sweet dynamic throughout the movie that I really enjoyed. Another character that I seriously liked was Merlin played by Mark Strong who often plays the bad man, he has a rather deep voice which lends itself beautifully to diabolical evil roles but this time out, he imbued his character Merlin with an Irish brogue which made him exceedingly charming and trustworthy.

The gadgets were a lot of fun and very much old school like the ones that we used to see in the old James Bond movies or even in the “In Like Flint” movies with James Coburn, I even saw some glimpses of influences from the Avengers, the ones with Mister Steed and Ms Peale. I loved all of these old time movies so to see a few homages made it special.

I did appreciate the underlying moral of the plot, climate change, though I didn’t agree with the villainous solution which I will not spoil for all of you.

If you want to spend some time not thinking of the mundane or anything stressful, I would say go see this entertaining movie. You’ll get a bunch of different English accents, fun gadgets, superb tailoring, a few surprises and an overall good time. They even have puppies. I love puppies.