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As soon as I typed the words I had a feeling of deja vu, I might have used that title before when Rex was still alive.


Jack used to torment Rex by biting his ears, his tongue, his paws and his jowls, but Rex loved his little guy and Jack was so safe with his protector.

Jack has started the same behavior with Lulu, it makes me nervous because she is still brand new to the household and I don’t think that she loves Jack as of yet. I know that she likes him, but love? I think that it is still a little soon for that strong emotion. Jack has been running beside her, jumping and grabbing her jowls with his teeth which makes her stop and then he keeps on tugging. He even nips at her legs, playfully yes, but still it must be annoying. Jack doesn’t seem to know that she can do serious damage if she wanted to, he thinks that he is the big dog on campus. I feel like calling him Jack the Lion-hearted. He is so cute, crazy, but still so cute. I think that Lulu will continue not minding, and if she does get annoyed, she will be gentle, hopefully.