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Boy am I tired, I inadvertantly tapped the publish button instead of hitting the return, so I am writing this on an updated post of the original. 

Anyway as I meant to write in the first place; our daughter was striking poses in the doorway, right before she was headed out, so I grabbed my iPad and asked if I could take pictures like the way  fashion photographers seem to do on t.v, click, click and click. 

These are the results, personally I think that she is very photogenic and she doesn’t take a bad picture. The dogs are an adorable accessory, just like in the fashion magazines; our daughter could be modeling a hat or a pair of pants  and the dogs would be an extension of her cool life; so if you bought a hat like her’s or pants like her’s, you too could be as happy as she is in the picture, that is the usual formula of successful marketing campaigns.

I have noticed that I have so much fun taking pictures that have a personal connection;  it becomes more than just taking a pretty picture, it becomes more about capturing the spirit of the subject,, letting the subject  be the guide  rather then the other way around.