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Our son rented three movies last night with Gone Girl being one of them. We didn’t see it at the movies even though it was getting all sorts of great movie reviews and press, it wasn’t our type of movie worthy of the cinema experience, we always knew that we would wait for it on DVD. Well now that we have seen it; OMG. Disturbing isn’t sufficient enough of a word, I can’t think of the right word that explains the entire range of emotion that we felt as we were watching this movie. It was the three of us; my husband, our daughter and myself; our son had gone out, he’ll watch it later, but the three of us did not move once, we were transfixed by the story, the narrative and the suspense.

I came into the movie knowing that the wife hadn’t been murdered and that the husband was being set up, but even knowing that, the movie was insanely suspenseful. The acting was topnotch, Rosamund Pike truly deserved to be nominated and Ben Affleck should have been nominated for his role as well, at least that’s what I believe; another one who acted wonderfully was the actress who played the twin sister Margo, I really liked her and I loved their relationship as twins, it was so down to earth and real.

I couldn’t help but think at one point, how or where did the author create this person and this scenario in their imagination? The psychotic nature of the villain, the pieces of the puzzle, the manipulative relationship between the wife and her parents, at some point I was thinking that the immensely intelligent wife had far too much time on her hands, all of that power that could have been dedicated to good, but instead was siphoned off to selfish, narcissitic and nefarious purposes. When I compare this story with my own novel, The Chic Bootlegger, which may skirt around the boundaries of the law, but is still so completely innocent; I worry that my readers may get bored because there is no way as much depth or intensity as Gone Girl. What I need to remember I guess is that these are two different genres and my brain isn’t wired to produce psychological thrillers such as this, the author is one heck of an expert into the deranged person’s pysche.

Wow is about all that I can say right now after watching some excellent and twisted storytelling.