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I went to my daughter’s room to ask her if she wanted me to feed Lulu since I was about to feed Jack. She wanted to feed Lulu herself, so she came with me, of course we had Lulu and Jack right there with us and  without putting any thought to it, I addressed the dogs saying “okay Fatty Magoo and Skinny Magee, let’s get you your vittles”. My daughter stopped in her tracks and burst out laughing, saying that those two nicknames fit them perfectly. 

My son came up with Fatty Magoo for Jack a while ago when he was at his hefty 18 pounds; he did get Jack down to a svelte 15 pounds, but with the endless snow, it has been hard to keep Jack at his sleek and trim form and his chubs has come back. Lulu is still Skinny Magee, but she looks so much better than when she first came to us; she has been here almost a month and her ribs are barely apparent. She really has a pretty coat, all soft and shiny. Jack and Lulu are more than likely going to have a lot more nicknames in the future, but I do particularly like these two, they flow very nicely off the tongue.