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I know how awful it feels whenever I feel ill or under the weather, so I can only imagine how terrible it must be for  our pets when their stomach aches and they can’t complain to us or explain to us how it is or where it hurts. Poor Lulu got into  something while we were away and when we came home, we met our kids at the vet’s to see what it might have been; we got the good news that it wasn’t anything poisonous, the less good news is that we would be in for several days of vomiting and diarhea until her system works out the bad things that she got into. Jack is playing nursemaid,  laying near her side, putting his head on her paws, licking her cheek, he really cares for his playmate. 

I can’t wait until this is over, I know that my daughter definitely can’t wait until Lulu is all better, she was so upset at the vet’s, my son was just as upset, but he hides it underneath a gruffy exterior. We are anxious not only for her well-being, but to be brutally honest, picking up vomit and diarhea gets old so very fast.

We are keeping our fingers crossed with each mini meal.