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My husband and I went to see the sequel in the theater as opposed to waiting for the DVD as we did the first time around and we LOVED it. The reason why we made sure to see it in the theater is because when we saw the first one at home, we had regretted not seeing it at the theater in the first place. By seeing it at the theater we truly had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of India on the wide screen and it was incredible.  Speaking of the wide screen, the theater that we went to was not our usual theater, this one had the most amazing seats, they were full sized plush reclining chairs, we were so comfortable, it definitely increased our viewing enjoyment.

What can I say about the movie? The entire gang was here and on fire; Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Judi Dench and everyone else made us care, made us a little sad and a little nervous for their well-being, made us happy and excited for them and even made us get exasperated from time to time. Newcomer Richard Gere was a gem, superbly dashing and mysterious, but with a hint of bad boy even at his age, he definitely has not lost it from his youth.

I can’t think of a single negative; there were elephants, beautiful fabrics, gorgeous markets full of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, goats and cows in the streets, beautiful villas, open air little houses and young people everywhere, representing vivacity, energy and hope 

The best part of the movie was all of the love that was obvious everywhere in all of its diverse expressions. We came out of the movie lighter and with smiles on our faces, that’s always the sign of a wonderful movie.