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Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

I have had a few different favorite flavors over the course of my lifetime. My first favorite ice cream flavor was called Heavenly Hash made by Light and Lovely; it was chocolate ice cream mixed with marshamellow, chocolate chips and chopped up almonds, my mother would pick out all of the nuts and leave me the ice cream to eat, that was heavenly; the day that Light and Lovely went out of business was a very sad, sad day for my mother and I.

The next ice cream flavor that I found to become my new favorite was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, the one made by Edy’s. I did have a brief flirtation with Oreo ice cream, but I found it a little to chemical tasting for me. I know deep down that raw chocolate chip cookie dough is bad for me no matter how I slice it, but in ice cream form, it conveniently becomes okay.

However in France, I go immediately for the fruit when it comes to ice cream or gelato; I love white peach, mango, canteloupe and of course the chocolate and the sea salt caramel ice creams. They are each delicious and it is so very hard to pick a favorite.

Ice cream is one of the best things to have ever been invented; bless the person who invented this amazing concoction.