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If someone would help me out, remind me what these perennials are? I have been asked their names, I drew a blank and it would be nice if I knew what plants I had in my own garden lol, I actually took the time to buy them and plant them at some point in the past, you would think that I would remember their names.


They bloom very early on and they don’t fade into the background because their leaves are fairly large and interesting in size and shape. The plant pictured up above has leaves that remind me of Lupine, but the flowers look more like a Bougainvillea flower. The cluster of small white flowers in the third picture, come out first and then are followed by large reddish leaves that almost look like a type of wide leafed lettuce. The first two pictures reminds me of wild Geranium but I don’t think that those white flowers  with the yellow center occur within the Geranium family, they remind me of Daisies instead.

I wish that their blooming period lasted a whole lot longer than the few days that I get year after year. If anyone can help me out in the gardening community I would appreciate it a lot!