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Our son saw the Avengers Thursday night and he said that it was even better than the first. Wow if you consider how cool the first one was. So my husband and I went into the movie with big expectations and I can say that we weren’t disappointed. The only criticism that I have and it is complicated, I’ll explain why; I felt that Ultron as an instrument of Artificial Intelligence was too emotional, the complexity of my criticism is that my feeling revolves around the brilliant voice of James Spader, the master of the art of intonation, he wields his voice like a fine instrument and it was hard for me to reconcile his wondrously complex voice with a cold dispassionate Artificial Intelligence unit. Apart from that teensy tiny critique it was AWESOME!

I chose the image of Jeremy Renner because for me this Avenger chapter was about him, Joss Whedon really gave me several periods of severe stress, especially when he decided to introduce us to Hawkeye’s family out of nowhere. I couldn’t help but think “oh no, are we going to have our hearts ripped out? Are they killing off Hawkeye?” It is a storytelling ploy, reel them in and BAM pull their chairs out from under them. 

It’s not as if I was grasping at straws because he did get hit and wounded a few times and he isn’t a demi-god, he doesn’t go in battle with iron armor, he doesn’t have super-human strength; he is only a master with the bow and arrow. His best line was when he was comforting the Scarlet Witch after saving her, he said “we are in a city in the air, hundreds of Ultrons attacking us and I only have a bow and arrow but I’m going back out there, it’s the job” That is Hawkeye, he is braver than brave, more courageous than most, he still goes out there, knowing that the odds are heavily stacked against him because that is his job, his mission and if not him then who?

He was like a breath of fresh air in his uncomplicated nature, he didn’t have demons to conqueor, his foundation, which is his family, kept him grounded and on point. The rest of the team was awash in regrets, fear and insecurities which led to all of the drama and destruction, playing right into the enemy’s hands. I figured that every review would be focused on the more sexy issues, I was drawn to the quiet hero holding the line.

Fantastic movie!