Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends  and family! I was very pleasantly spoiled this year. My Mother’s Day brunch of Eggs Benedict was to die for! My husband had the inspired idea to substitute thicker cut prosciutto instead of the customary Canadian bacon and it was delicious, the prosciutto gave it a slightly saltier taste  while at the same time giving the dish a rich sweetness, it truly was inspired. I had three and almost licked my plate it was so good.

My husband got me my scratch tickets and bought me a lovely handbag. Our children did a lot for me this Mother’s Day; our daughter cleaned the house and helped with the brunch while our son helped with the garden work; pruning the roses dead canes  and fishing out all of the dead leaves and debris in the pond, afterwards installing the fountain to prevent the water from ever becoming stagnant; we don’t want mosquitos.

I am very lucky to have a husband and children who take the time to show me that they appreciate me and love me. I wish that for everyone in the world.