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One of my favorite songs referencing New York, lovely and mellow, lingers in the mind long after the song is over. What I love about these quick in and out trips to New York is that it forces you to focus your attention to one area and you get to capture its unique flavor amidst all of the cacophony.

My focus was Rockefeller Center, I have always loved that little pocket of international flavor right in midtown. I have very fond memories of visiting no matter the season, it is always special, I remember there being for the longest time, a French bookstore where I would spend hours perusing each section, either for my personal reading needs or for school, I loved that place, it’s closed now, such a shame.

The Scribner Bookstore, now a Sephora, was another treasure of mine. It was as beautiful on the inside of the building as the outside and I was so sad the day it went out of business, probably 15 years ago, another casualty of the mega bookstore phenomena, a tragedy for the bookworms of the world.

If you look closely at the picture of the imposing dooway, you will see the name Cole-Haan engraved on the wall on either side of the doorway, I am a huge fan of Cole-Haan shoes, when I can I go to their outlet stores, around the time they launch their huge clearance sales and BOOM make a purchase or two. This store is most probably their flagship store, so I enter, look and catalog for future reference, always a pleasure to peruse lovely shoe design even if you aren’t buying at that very minute.

When I left Cole-Haan, I casually looked over to my left and shockingly Saint Patrick’s Cathedral sat there in all of her naked glory, released from her long hibernation of renovation and restoration. She had been covered with tarps, surrounded by ugly scaffolds for such a long time, to see her all shiny and clean, I had to take a picture.

So this was New York, in a New York minute.