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One of my favorite scents has come alive with a vengeance in my backyard, my lilacs are in bloom and it is wonderful! If I could, I would freeze time in order to keep them in bloom, I would move a chair right under the lilac bush and write while bathed in the calming scent of lilac.

Lavender is usually what they use in spas when they apply aromatherapy, but if it were up to me, I would add lilac to the mix. I have lavender in my backyard as well, but they don’t bloom until well into the summer months, which is actually great because when my lilac are gone, it is wonderful to have another soothing scent to luxuriate in.

I forget what those cute blue flowers are, but I wish that I had more of them, last winter was so harsh that I am lucky that I have that one plant; other years I had an entire section filled with them, I am grateful to have the one, maybe he will go forth and multiply.

Jack is having a wonderful time teaching Lulu the ways of the backyard. Our son installed the fountain over Mother’s Day weekend and Jack likes playing with the water. I just hope that Lulu doesn’t get too carried away with it, with her you never know. lol. The area surrounding the fountain still looks relatively unhappy, but I am sure that in a few weeks, it will look much fuller.